A little bit about us and our mission


Our team members have been working together very successfully on various projects for several years.

Since we come from different industries, we cover the areas of media, sports, advertising, content, technology and fashion. In order to bring these skills together, the DNT83 agency was set up.

We work with a large network of athletes.


We are the perfect partner if you want to live your own style.

Professional soccer player Dante Bonfim is also part of our team. With him we created our first brand: # DNT83.

Furthermore, fashion collections have been developed for various athletes. Everything from a single source: logo, development, collection, online shop, photo shoot, making off video!


We are augmented reality! We expand the world around you and use the power of your smartphone or tablet.

Interactive filters can track the position and facial movements of the user to overlay a digital filter. In addition, we can place interactive 3D objects in your immediate vicinity. The avatars are created either in 3D or with our mobile scan room.

We not only create pure 360 ° content, but also enrich it with traditional 2D content. In this way, products can be presented and explained in detail from a new perspective. Existing content is adapted for VR purposes and recorded in Head Mountable Displays (HMD), expanding the user’s reality.

Logo Design
Brand Design
Web Design
Content Creation


DNT83 creates individual and urban NFTs for athletes.

We advise athletes in the field of NFTs. We do not only create them, we also have a partner named para-nft (release 23 of February 2022) as a customer.
The NFTs can be placed there. PARA NFT specializes in artists, musicians, actors and athletes.

Our creative area is considered to be one of the best for urban NFTs. We show athletes in a different light, as they have not been seen before, without their sporty background. We see our athletes as individual persons and bring him across in the NFT business.


Over 70% of all content consumed on the web is moving image content. With his many years of experience as a film producer, one of our cooperation partners, new step media, is an absolute moving image expert.

Let’s bring people together. We’re here to help.